Why Ampersand?

Hi, I’m Marc Briand and basically I design websites.So why Ampersand, in the early stages of the design process the sentences always seem to start with and! “And we’ve got a website and it’s not working for us?”, “and how do we get more visitors to our site?” ,”and we’d like to be able to update it regularly”,”and we’ve got a Facebook page and we’d like to link to that”,”and we’d like to sell online”, and more… So Ampersand is the name, and we quite like the &


What am I?

In short, I’m a website designer. The slightly longer version? I can design you a new website from scratch, or add in extra features to your website like an online shop or a blog or just give it a bit of a facelift.


Why hire me?

I’ve been there and done (doing) it. Having my own on line store I know what you can expect from your site and the potential pitfalls you face.

Your website is important to your business and it should represent your identity. We’ll have an initial consultation and I’ll prepare you a quote for your needs. You’ll be kept up to date along the way with the progress. Once your site is live if you’d like I can also manage and maintain it for you, keeping it fresh, relevant and up to date – or if you’re reasonably OK on a computer you can do it yourself, of course you’ll have some training to show you how. And if you get stuck I’m normally at the end of the phone or on email.

If you like the sound of this and the look of my portfolio why not give me a call or email me and we can have a chat over your next website.