Ampersand Online | Leek, Staffordshire Website Design

Hi, Welcome to Ampersand Online’s website.

What do we do? – We’re based in Leek, Staffordshire and we design websites, mainly in WordPress and we help you to get the most out of your website. Simple, really. When we say get the most out of your website we’re talking about real world expectations – where will my site rank in Google, how often will I need to update it, if  I manage it myself what would be needed etc.

We’ll also help you to cut through some of the smoke and mirrors of optimising a website and we’ll talk to you in plain English (most of the time).

Our ethos is to give you control over your website if you want it, we can manage the whole thing for you if you’d prefer or anything in between.  Why do we work this way – well we think one of the worst things is a website with old out of date information or nothing new on it. Traditionally you’d pay a designer for their time to add your information or change the pages – sometimes this isn’t a big job. So why not do it yourself if you can and save a bit of time and money and add your personality to your site?

So why is this website so basic after you’ve read everything above about being up to date – we’re working on lots of sites at the moment and can’t quite seem to find the time to do our own fancy site – so better to stick to our simple page for now.

If you’d like to see some of our work have a look at the sites in the side bar on the left. If you’d like a chat email us and we’ll give you a call when it suits you and meet up for a coffee and chat through your ideas and needs.


Ampersand Online

p.s. why ampersand or & – it’s a play on “I’m online- & now what do I do?” , That’s where we come in!